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Vizsla Dogs

Anthony Owens

Certified Trainer 




151 Greenfield Dr, Suite F

Tiffin, IA


Canine Specialist, CPR Certified & AKC Evaluator

A Bit About Me

Hi, my name is Anthony Owens and I have been a trainer at Elite Pack for 3 years!


My interest in dog training sparked 6 years ago when I did my first ride along with my uncle, who is also the owner of Elite Pack. At the time, my uncle was a K9 Handler with his partner in crime Rakker. During my ride along I watched Rakker track, perform article searches, alert when he smelled drugs during vehicle searches and more. It really peaked my interest with working dogs and I began attending k9 training days with multiple departments where I have had the privilege to learn dog behaviors, decoy work, and so much more.

I am a graduate of Stratford University where I obtained my Canine Specialist Certification. I learned a wide array of things, such as training dogs, behavior modification, grooming, and general canine nutrition.

I am a member of AKC (American Kennel Club). Last year I became an AKC evaluator which enables me to certify dogs from basic to advanced obedience certifications.
Dogs are my passion. I have a 3-year-old German Shepard named Bella. She has her CGC and CGCA titles. She is trained in narcotics, tracking, and article searching.

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